The Rise of Jordan Moore


Jordan Moore. A young native of Sacramento whose singer-songwriter style is manifested in heart-wrenching lines that, on their own, would be uncomfortably memorable. Together they weave emotional narratives that have a gripping intensity. This is compounded by Moore’s fragile-sounding but powerful voice. The passion and delivery of his works is at times similar to Julien Baker’s, a fellow singer-songwriter from Tennessee whose discography boasts similarly near-overwhelming emotion. Moore seems to be aware of this, even covering a song off of her 2015 album “Sprained Ankle” on his official YouTube channel.

His lyrics, like hers, show a great process for the songwriting process. He seems to lean away from commercialized production of music and towards using the art form as a medium with which to express pain and strong feelings that otherwise would be difficult to. In an interview with the Sacramento company HOF, Moore described the process of crafting his extremely deliberate songs as starting with words or phrases, but also about just sitting down with a guitar. He is careful to imbue his lyrics with meaning and intent, that “[y]ou can stop yourself from slipping into pop if you care a lot about the words you are using, there’s just a thousand ways to say something and it’s really easy to stop at the first one.”

Jordan Moore plays guitar and keyboard in the Sacramentan group Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers, and is credited as a writer on leader Hobo Johnson’s most famous track, “Peach Scone,” and several others of their songs.

His latest single “Swoon,” was released March 14, 2019. His yet-unreleased next EP will be titled “Come on Love.”


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