Malone in the Zone – Lead to Succeed 2019


Post Malone is a newly famous American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer who came into fame in the mid 2010’s following his first Billboard Hot 100 song “White Iverson”. On the website Awaken the Greatness Within, which features information about numerous music artists, Post Malone mentioned his personal thoughts about his own releases:

“Nobody wanted me to put out White Iverson. They said wait. I said I don’t have time to wait. I don’t have any money, what am I going to lose? I put it out the next day and it went bananas.” 

Although many #HATERS posted on numerous social media accounts with negative reviews, completely bashing him as a rap artist, he responded with, “I dreamed it all ever since I was young. They said I would be nothing. Now they always say congratulations”. Today, one of Post Malone’s newest hits “Better Now” is #3 on the top 100 billboard for 2019. Out of 28 songs, he had 3 #1 hits and 6 top ten songs altogether.

Found on, an article written by Shirley Ju describes an incredible remake of Post Malone’s hip hop dance routine to his #FIRE song release “Wow” that was performed by a 43-year-old man. This man, Mike Alancourt absolutely KILLED his #HIPHOP performance and received personal approval on March 6th of this year by Malone himself. Ju wrote in her article that Alancourt “danced his heart out, one Post Malone video at a time”. Even more so, this man went “viral thanks in no small part to his impressive moves”. It caught the attention of so many people around the world that even Will Smith shared the clip on his own social media account. As mentioned on Billboard, Alancourt even had an appearance on the Ellen show. You can watch 43-year-old Mike Alancourt’s phenomenal, “bearded, bellied routine” below.

One big celebrity fan of Post Malone is the award-winning singer, Kelly Clarkson, who decided to perform a mind-blowing mashup cover of Cardi B’s song “Be Careful” and Post Malone’s “Better Now”. In an article on People News written by Dave Quinn, he emphasizes that “Kelly Clarkson had a fresh take on two of Cardi B and Post Malone’s biggest hits” and that nobody has heard Cardi and Malone ever like this before. Being the fan Clarkson is of Post Malone, she talks in an interview about how his album “beerbongs & bentleys” is one of her absolute favorites. “I love Post Malone,” she said. “I could put his stuff on and just go. There’s few people that I can just put an album on and I’m cool with every song. But I really like him”.

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