The Briefing Room: "I Don't Really Care for School"


One of the most exciting, but daunting parts of life that most people go through is college.  You’re a junior in high school or a transferring community college student starting the process of applying to the schools you desire the most: Stanford, Berkeley, Yale or even Southern California.  However, you don’t get admitted into the colleges you dreamed of and you’re feeling defeated. Why did I get rejected? Olivia Jade may be the answer to your question.

Before I get into the story of Olivia Jade, you should know a few things.  Recently, it has come to light that the wealthy are cheating their way into admissions for elite universities.  As of now, fifty people have taken part of this cheating scheme. How did the wealthy cheat their way in? By using money to bribe coaches into accepting students as if they were college athletes despite not actually playing the sport or cheating on standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT.  William Rick Singer, a CEO for college admissions prep, is the man behind the scheme. With two frauds going on, how did it work? Essentially, parents paid between $15,000 to $75,000 per test to help their children. Then, Singer arranged a third party, a man by the name of Mark Riddell, who then took the test secretly in a student’s place.  Afterwards, Singer bribed test administrators, so Riddell wouldn’t be noticed.

With this information in mind, we look to Olivia Jade.  Some may know Jade through her mother, actress Lori Loughlin, or know her through her YouTube career.  A 19-year-old YouTuber with over two million subscribers, Jade is one of the many students that was caught up in the college cheating scandal.  Her parents paid $500,000 in bribes to get Jade onto a rowing team. But, with how much money that was spent to get Jade admission into an elite college, she was quoted saying, “I don’t really care for school.”  She later apologized for this statement, but it just shows the privilege the wealthy have that they take for granted. However, it has been reported that Olivia Jade is upset with her parents over the college cheating scandal.  This raises more questions.; was Olivia Jade apart of the scandal or was she completely ignorant of the fact that her parents paid half a million to grant her admission into an elite college? It has been noted that some students whose parents partook in the scandal didn’t realize what their parents had done and just thought they got into the school by their own worth.  

As of now, Olivia Jade remains a student at the University of Southern California, but has received major backlash from her viewers and now has to block some comments on Instagram.  Jade also lost her partnership with Sephora and her makeup palette no longer exists on the website. However, we don’t know what the future will hold for Olivia Jade.  As CNN reporter Holly Yan said, “The massive college admissions scam is a harsh reminder that wealthy families can cheat their way to even greater privilege.”

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