Hips Don’t Lie – But Age Sure Does!


Now 42-year-old #WCW Shakira is by far known for her phenomenal music, dancing, and performances. She is not only a singer, dancer, and songwriter, but she is also now a mother of 2 and a wife to the famous Gerard Pique; a Spanish soccer player for the Barcelona team. Before we knew Shakira as the mother she is today, society knew her as an award-winning pop star for both the English and Spanish speaking worlds who strived to put passion into her work. She has always been #flawless throughout the years of her work and as mentioned in an entry by GentSide, she is a “natural beauty”.

Before I was even on the Earth, Shakira released her very first album ‘Magia’ in 1991! This specific record of hers focused on a collection of pop ballads Shakira wrote when she was only 8 years old, #TBT. The themes of the songs were specifically inspired by her first experiences with males, her adventures, and dreams of living on the coast.

On the very day I began writing this blog post, March 19th, Shakira was set to become the first pop star ever to release a single, ‘Hips Don’t Lie’, as a mobile download only in 2006. When I was scrolling through This Day In Music, this specific post interested me because ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ was the song I grew up listening to. It’s the song that really stands out as a ‘Shakira’ song while both demonstrating her spectacular dancing and singing performance. To view the official music video, click this link to Youtube – to really SEE what I mean by her performance!

After Shakira’s 10th album in 2014, she had her second child and suffered from writer’s block. She was unable to produce any work or have any motivation towards her singing career. Finally, in 2017, Shakira released her album ‘El Dorado’. This album is her latest and newest album and was purely inspired by her life experiences. Three of the songs are in English as most of them are in Spanish. On ENews, I saw an interview with Shakira talking about this newest album of hers. She simply states that throughout this album, there are “pop songs and very personal songs” that narrate her “stories and love stories”. She continues to talk about how putting her emotions and thoughts out on paper should be a need every once in a while, and laughs about how it is “cheaper than a shrink”.

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