Retired Programing

AMATEUR HOUR: Wanna get sedated, yeah- neither do we! As a society, we strive for bigger and better all the time – as if that is the answer for our purpose on this planet – and our ears & tastes are developing with the aim for the exact same thing. Reality check, not everyone fits in, and not everyone wants to.  Whoever got anywhere by simply accepting “what is”? Each week on AH, we put together a playlist exploring the voices of change highlighting songs to massively heightens your social consciousness.

Whether it’s environmental issues, racism, gender inequality, or the unfairness of socio-economics – there won’t be a political song that hasn’t covered it.

ON ROTATION: Ever wonder how the music industry Is brainwashing you to like bad pop/rock songs. Research suggests that repeated exposure is a much more surefire way of getting the general public to like a song than writing one that suits their taste. We're not sure how to do that so, we'll just play stuff that we think is 4 out of 5 stars. Is it popular, NO, well, not yet at least. Listen in to On Rotation, where pop and rock goes to get viral.

Have Story, Will Tell: is about people’s stories. Everybody has a story to tell. Executive producers, Jack Pennington and Nicholas Zoffel, distributed college radio, youtube, public access, and podcast.They are mostly true stories of everyday people, but to worry about that and not simply enjoy  misses the point. There’s lots more to HsWt, but it’s hard to describe. You have to join the party, listen, share your thoughts, and if you have a story to tell, we want to hear it.

THE LIGHTHAUS-Origins: A collection of music for different moments marked by music that allow them to live one forever in our memories, without regrets. Music that separates life from being an ordeal to an adventure. Wandering the streets of Florence, Italy drinking bottles of wine, to ending up at a secret bakery at 2am. Watching the sun rise on a beach in Barcelona. Climbing the Eiffel tower in the rain, after pulling an all-nighter in Paris. Taking a road trip to Sorrento, ending up on a boat ride around the island of Capri. Standing in front of the Colosseum. Staying hostels with strangers. Meeting British strippers, the one girl from Finland at a reggae club underground, that homeless guy who turned out to be a character actor, you think. These sounds are meant to be strong reminders that life begins outside your comfort zone. Only advice the mistress called adventure has is don’t play it safe, take a risk and put it to good music while you're at it. And if you do something you’re going to regret in the morning, then sleep in late with the comfort of our sounds.

Indie Unplugged is a collection of folky acoustic, chill tones, and instrumental to smooth out the mood. Brimming with creativity, energy, and impulse from independent artists looking to simply share their souls and minds. Through acoustic guitar-driven indie styled music with a focus on dynamics, warmth and emotion rather than on all-out electric volume these authentic, on-trend sounds lends itself perfectly to getting lost in the music. 

"Get in, loser. We're going shopping." Come join us on a poetic journey TO THE MOON & BACK. Experience and explore the different perspectives of the social and cultural phenomenon that make up every aspect of our lives. Get lifted on this mental journey through time and space. Dial back to the anarchy of rock. Question our oppressive society with the inquisition of hip hop and rap. And let your mind be entranced by the cool Indie generation. Poetic activism will always guide this love revolution.

Can I Kick It: Can I Kick It? Yes I Can. Can I Kick It is a Hip-Hop/Rap music show that explores all of the different styles, sounds, and alternatives within the genre. Discover new artist that you won't typically hear on mainstream radio as well as hear some old favorites. If you like Hip-Hop/Rap music, you're sure to hear something you like. Come and kick it with us!

DOUBLE FUNK BUS: Grab a beanbag chair on the starship Double Funk Bus as we have a laid back space party and majestically voyage throughout the galaxy listening to hazy sounds of funk, psychedelic rock, and various melodies of intergalactic awesomeness. We will sonically invade your stratosphere, in the name of satisfying those musical munchies. The smoke exhaust of our bus is music dedicated to classics of the future past and those yet unknown.

IT SNOWS METAL ON VENUS:  Honoring melting force of music and the soft touch of the goddess Venus, we use the map of metal to explore the terrain of extreme, glam, Christian, grindcore, metalcore, nu, power, groove, Norwegian, thrash, goth, death, industrial, shock rock and anywhere else you can think to visit. Headbangers UNITE around SCUM for our handbanger’s ball on It Snows Metal on Venus. 

The Briefing Room:

Most news programs available feature a heavy dose of punditry, reporting on content with an emphasis on having the first word. Sometimes the information can be skewed towards a certain bias when all the facts are not in place. Here on The Briefing Room, we don’t play favoritism when it comes to bringing you important news as we get our audio from events hosted at the White House. Hear the President speak about current issues and gain knowledge for the next time you discuss politics or head to the voting booth. 

"It's a Working Title" is an experimental comedy talk show starring Garrett Bank, Cristian Amaral, Spencer Peterson, and Jordan Mata. Every week the guys record a "gab-sesh" talking about life and what's going on then decide what there official episode is going to be. It's what the world has been wanting but not asking for. Sort of like realizing you actually did want those memory foam slippers for Christmas you never asked for; So comfortable and great for mornings. 6-8am, Monday through Friday specifically. Let's get comfy with "It's A Working Title."


ACROSS THE BOARD: Let’s get the ball rolling for sports talk! Join us as we tackle today’s biggest sports topics both around the world and more importantly, around your school. So, grab a hot dog, a foam finger, and your fantasy rosters as you learn how to gain the upper hand in your next friendly sports discussion.

THE DIGITAL LOVE BOAT: Together we'll discuss & analyze how relationships are formed, created, and maintained. With listener participation, we'll explore how past relationships help us shape, mold, and understand the interpersonal relations we have today and help us consider what relationships could look like In our very near future. Taking a voyage on the Digital Love Boat, hosted by the quirky, yet handsome bartender, will have music (R&B, soul, romance, & HipHop) that speaks to our divine human connection to enjoy that first, second, and third glass of wine whenever you want to listen.

KARINA VERSUS KITCHEN: You’re a student and going out to eat is one of the many ways that you are able to socialize and experience the flavors life has to offer. To be fair, we also know that this comes with budget restraints but that’s where I come in! Join me as we look into our own kitchen as well as the kitchens of talented chefs to find delicious bites on a $15 budget and of course, the occasional splurge! You can follow my culinary discoveries and adventures via instagram clicking here.

Damn That's Good: Picture & listen to yourself on a sidewalk cafe sipping wine in Paris or on a rooftop having a slice in Venice. Damn, That's Delicious will take you there. Even if we can't physically go to those places, our taste bud tourism will make your mouth think you're there. Examining the most health conscious, innovative, and unknown restaurants and food that Northern California has to offer. Sit back, take a bite, close your eyes, and say "damn, that's good."