The Highway Bayou Revival

Monday-thursday, 6 am-8am

The Highway Bayou Revival is a show consisting of everything from old rock to country music. Country music's real origins take place in the 1920's, while the composed genre you hear today takes root from folk music and the blues. America later on started rockin' and rollin' in the 1950's. With The Highway Bayou Revival you will be starting off your morning right, with the nostalgia of America's extensive history of music with the classics: country and rock. 

On Rotation

Monday-thursday, 8 AM-9 AM

On Rotation plays music that is a throw-back to music that would offer a soundtrack to your mood. The genres span from the nostalgic roots of pop and rock n' roll to modern day pop and party tunes. On Rotation brings you everything you could want from music of the decades. Tweet us with your requests, so we can make sure you get what you want out of your radio. 



The Briefing Room

Monday-thursday, 9am-10am

The Briefing Room is your source for unfiltered, accurate news reporting without the “alternative facts”. It is our mission to sift through the inflammatory language and unsupported claims of “fake news” to make sure that you, the listener, has an understanding of what is really going on in the world of politics. With topics covering legislation on both the State and Federal levels, it is important to know how the legislation that is being passed effects your everyday life. On the days that we aren’t filtering news, listeners will enjoy music of all genres. With music covering the political movements on the 70’s to the political pop of today, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Quad City

Monday-thursday, 10AM-12PM



The Lighthaus


A collection of music for different moments marked by sounds that allow them to live one forever in our memories, without regrets. Music that separates life from being an ordeal to an adventure. Wandering the streets of Florence, Italy drinking bottles of wine, to ending up at a secret bakery at 2am. Watching the sun rise on a beach in Brazil. Climbing the Eiffel Tower in the rain, after pulling an all-nighter in Paris. Taking a road trip to Sorrento, ending up on a boat ride around the island of Capri. Standing in front of the Colosseum. Staying hostels with strangers. Meeting British strippers, the one girl from Finland at a reggae club underground, that homeless guy who turned out to be a character actor, you think. These sounds are meant to be strong reminders that life begins outside your comfort zone. Only advice the mistress called adventure has  is don’t play it safe, take a risk and put it to good music while you're at it.

Hip Hop History 

Monday-thursday, 2pm - 4 PM

Hip Hop History tracks the evolution of this genre from the 1920’s with Snake Hips & the Cotton Club to the 40's with Tom the Great to the 60's & 70's Clive Cambell & James Brown to the formation of the Zulu Nation our playlists go on and on. So, kiss the past hello. If you start in the past and work all the way to the present, the history of hip-hop spreads out into the cosmos in every direction. To get your body moving we'll play music that dates back to the 1920s when the earliest form of hip-hop dance was invented. We'll shake to the Jamaican dancehall toasting eras of the 50's and 60's. We'll pop and lock with the Electric Bugaloo. We'll chill and revolt with the Last Poets, Muhammad Ali and Gil Scott-Heron. We'll work all the way forward to modern day poets like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac. Let's rev up the time machine, dive in and explore the most comprehensive timeline of hip-hop history.

Let's go.



Femme Filter

Monday-thursday, 2pm - 4 PM

Femme Filter promotes the voices and music of empowered women working in a heavily male-dominated industry. Our show has a broad umbrella -- we'll be featuring woman-centric music by artists of all genres from hip-hop to bebop in an attempt to evoke a feeling of strength, solidarity, and sisterhood in all women.  Here at KSCM, we believe in intersectionality, and we want to give you all of the information and music knowledge you'll need to round out your own beliefs. This one's for the ladies.

Radical Roots

Monday-thursday, 4 PM-6 PM

Getting in touch with reggae music and Rastafarian culture, we explore the social impacts of an oppressive society, understand their liberation, counterculture movements, and nationalism, as well as rejoicing in their philosophy that life is just a celebration and a blessing. Since 1960, reggae has extended its positive message into Africa, Europe, New Zealand, Asia, Australia, and America. The genre addresses endless forms of socialism, hope, faith, love, political awareness, peace, and unity, but what truly defines reggae music is instrumentation and rhythm. Reggae music evokes a deep sense of well-being and prosperity among people, to ban together as one. All the way from the roots of Jamaica and right into the ears and hearts of millions all over.


us-hockey-team-soviet-union-olympics-1980-lake-placid 2.jpg

Across the Board

Monday-thursday, 4 PM-6 PM

KSCM's Across the Board will provide the listener with an array of sports topics and interviews to encourage opinions and insightful conversation pertaining to the sports world, whether it be Sierra College or Professional. From the Ancient Greeks to now, sports have played a huge part in bringing people together of different backgrounds to work toward a common goal. The sports world is a medium for the fan to connect with those performing their crafts and others who express their opinions by watching and talking about sports. Across the Board looks to provide listeners with conversation that they can connect with and music that represents sports culture and encourages them to strive for greatness.

KSCM Hot Mic

Monday-thursday,6 PM-7 PM

Hey, when the mics go live, anything goes. What happens in The Closet stays in The Closet (and gets played on the air).



The List with Mark, Nic, & You

Monday - Thursday, 7pm-10pm (Live: taking your calls, Tweets, & requests on ThURSDAYS)

We make playlists based on your votes!  The one below was our very first show:

Snows Metal on Venus

Monday - Thursday, 10pm - 1am

Paying tribute to all things metal, Snows Metal on Venus is where you can come and let someone else do your screaming for you. Listeners will embark on an onslaught of sounds, distortion, guitar solos, breakdowns and loudness all while feeling that power in their heart, minds and bones. Together, on SMoV we honor the melting force of music and the soft touch of the goddess Venus, we use the map of metal to explore the terrain of extreme, glam, Christian, grindcore, metalcore, nu, power, groove, Norwegian, thrash, goth, death, industrial, shock rock and anywhere else you can think to visit. We welcome you to embark on a journey with us as we explore what it means to feel power and raw emotion that no other genre can satiate. For those who came to rock we salute you!






Hourish of Weirdish

Monday - Thursday, 1am-6am

Enjoy & any questions? 

riff 2.jpg


Friday. ALL Day

The music played all day long the music will range from the melodic organic sounds to heighten your social consciousness and get reconnected to mother earth OR we might explore while sitting in a beanbag chair on a double funk bus starship having a laid back space party and majestically voyage throughout the galaxy listening to hazy sounds of funk, psychedelic rock, and various melodies of intergalactic awesomeness. This is TECHNICALRIFFICULTIES and your radio isn't broken, nor is it making hideous sounds.  


Cover Me Saturdays

Saturday. ALL Day

Sing along to the songs you know in a different style. Cover Me Saturdays plays rhythmic and acoustic hits from yesterday and today. Beats that will tickle, train and tackle your brain into studying harder, longer, and better. The purpose of Cover Me Saturdays is to listen to music from a different emotion. Artists can tweak an original song into whatever they want it to sound like, since they pay the original dollar for their song. But, one viewpoint isn’t better, it’s important to have an open mind and hear how a song touches different artists. Maybe the words of a song are sad and the expression of emotion is understood in an acoustic format. Or maybe the words of a song are uplifting and the preference of expression is reached through taking a jog. No matter the opinion or belief, it should be recognized.



Bloody Mary With a Side of Eggs and Jazz

Sunday, All Day

Bloody Mary With a Side of Eggs and Jazz will explore the presence and progression of the genre, from its early roots to the Golden Age of jazz, to today's modern style. It will be a positive expression of "soulful" music attempting to evoke those same feelings that have helped to bring communities together; and challenge racial divide. Being a musical genre somewhat planned and somewhat spontaneous, it is a fair reflection of an America in which it originated and progressed.