Born in Sacramento in 1991, Rachel has stayed local for most of her life, besides a year in Finland where she discovered just how much she hates cold weather.  With a three-legged cat on her lap and giant German Shepherd at her feet, Rachel spends most of her time perusing Pinterest for stress relief techniques while griping about the world. Listeners of Suburban Anxiety can expect ninety minutes of stories, interviews and music based on a theme around mental illness. Whether it is coping with public speaking, suicide, or the general stigma around mental illness in society, Rachel shares her struggles and invites you to do the same. Contact us on Twitter: @RadioAnxiety

Danielle strongly believes in 3 things: karma, the golden rule, and the oxford comma. She drinks hot chocolate instead of coffee, can lick her elbow, and is still regularly carded for R-rated movies due to her 5 foot stature. Danielle's ideal day would include a Netflix marathon, checking social media frequently, googling pictures of cats, rediscovering pop music, building a dream life on Pinterest, eating ice cream and pizza, reading BuzzFeed, and daydreaming about future travels. She is interested in shaping how we view psychological issues and de-stigmatizing mental illnesses. Contact us on Twitter: @RadioAnxiety

the radio makes hideous sounds ~bob dylan