Dan Sucks:

Damn that's Delicious w/ David: Picture & listen to yourself on a sidewalk cafe sipping wine in Paris or on a rooftop having a slice in Venice. Damn, That's Good w/ David will take you there. Even if we can't physically go to those places, our taste bud tourism will make your mouth think you're there. Examining the most health conscious, innovative, and unknown restaurants and food that Northern California has to offer. Sit back, take a bite, close your eyes, and say "damn, that's good." 

Have Story Will Tell: Have Story, Will Tell is about people’s stories. Everybody has a story to tell. Executive producers, Jack Pennington and Nicholas Zoffel, distributed via the web, through college radio, and podcast.They are mostly true stories of everyday people, but to worry about that and not simply enjoy  misses the point. There’s lots more to HsWt, but it’s hard to describe. You have to join the party, listen, share your thoughts, and if you have a story to tell, we want to hear it.

Radio 1984:

Across the Board: Let’s get the ball rolling for sports talk! Join us as we tackle today’s biggest sports topics both around the world and more importantly, around your school. So, grab a hot dog, a foam finger, and your fantasy rosters as you learn how to gain the upper hand in your next friendly sports discussion. 

the radio makes hideous sounds ~bob dylan