The Light House, a collection of music for different those different moments, those moments marked by music that allow them to live one forever in our memories, without regrets. "ninehoursahead," "Good Vibes," "Chaos Theory," and "Night Beacon" is about music that separates life from being an ordeal to an adventure. Wandering the streets of Florence, Italy drinking bottles of wine, to ending up at a secret bakery at 2am. Watching the sun rise on a beach in Barcelona. Climbing the Eiffel tower in the rain, after pulling an all-nighter in Paris. Taking a road trip to Sorrento, ending up on a boat ride around the island of Capri. Standing in front of the Colosseum. Staying hostels with strangers. Meeting British strippers, the one girl from Finland at a reggae club underground, that homeless guy who turned out to be a character actor, you think. These sounds are meant to be strong reminders that life begins outside your comfort zone. Only advice the mistress called adventure has is don’t play it safe, take a risk and put it to good music while you're at it. And if you do something you’re going to regret in the morning, then sleep in late. Please ask yourself, who amongst our listeners is truly nothing more than a daydreaming, sun bathing, and star-gazing wander. Your only fear is the idea of shallow living. Inspired by all different, cultures, people, and ideas, we turn to music to serve as a type of memory capsule, where all memories are stored and where new ones can be created.

S.Laughter House: Sick of the routine? The day in, day out minutiae that makes up everyday life? Terrified of your impending doom and how little things matter? Kill some time at the S.Laughter House. Over here, instead of worrying about whatever crazy new disease  is flying around, your taxes, whether your kids hate you or not, you can listen to a middle aged man talk about dicks. Comedy has a unique property that lets you take the negative in a new light, and laugh at your pain. Whether you take life seriously, eat right, and go to work, or watch netflix all day, tune in to SCUMRadio sometime and let some of that stress out, without having to pay a therapist. 

the radio makes hideous sounds ~bob dylan